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Download free atmos mixes that I've done to listen to on your Atmos speaker system or headphones!  Click on the files to download.  Instructions on how to listen are below.


Ariana Grande - "Focus"
Nick Matzke's Atmos Mix

How to play the Dolby Atmos Video File:


​To listen to the file on a Dolby Atmos Speaker System, download the file and copy it onto a drive to playback on any of these devices:

Sony X800M2
Reavon X100/X200
Xbox Series X
Roku Ultra
NVidia Shield TV Pro
Dune HD
Apple TV 4K + Infuse + Dropbox or Google Drive

PC to AVR via HDMI + Dolby Access App + Windows Media Player.  More info:
-Connect PC to AVR via HDMI, install Dolby Access app.  It's free and you don't need to pay for the headphone subscription it asks for.  Just open Dolby Access in background, then open the MP4 in Windows Media Player and it will play back in Atmos through the AVR.  

You can also download to a newer Mac that supports Atmos and Airplay it to an Apple TV in Atmos.

For iPhone users you can save the mp4 to the files app and listen in Dolby Atmos with your Airpods.  Make sure to turn on head tracking!

Video explaining how I mixed "Focus," what things to listen for, and how I got into Atmos mixing:

Video with playback instructions:

Go subscribe to Techno Dad above!  He does some awesome Atmos mixes!  Thanks to him for the compatible device list.

If you can only listen with regular headphones, download the binaural mp3.

Click HERE to return to the Bayview Audio homepage to hear my stereo mixes or to contact me about working with you on your next project!
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